Data Show Georgia Consumers Start Returning To Retailers, Fast Food Restaurants

Ethan Chernofsky, Vice President,
Ethan Chernofsky, Vice President,
Credit Ethan Chernofsky

Our cellphones track our every move, and our cellphone companies package that anonymous data.

Then, companies such as buy the data and use it to track and predict consumer behavior.

Ethan Chernofsky is vice president of marketing for Placer.

WABE’s host of “All Things Considered” Jim Burress spoke to Chernofsky over the telephone about some of that consumer behavior, including what happened just before the widespread shelter-in-place orders took effect.

“We are also entering into a period of economic uncertainty,” Chernofsky said.

And Chernofsky says before a huge drop off we were eager shoppers.

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