2020 Election Guide

Upcoming Dates


  • 2 Saturday

    Guam Democratic presidental caucuses

    Kansas Democratic presidential primary

  • 11 Monday

    Georgia Primary Election Voter Registration Deadline

  • 12 Tuesday

    Nebraska primaries

  • 19 Tuesday

    Idaho primaries

    Oregon primaries (Mail-in ballots only)

  • 23 Saturday

    Hawaii Democratic presidential primary (originally 23-May scheduled for April 4)


  • 2 Tuesday

    Indiana primaries (Moved from May 5)

    Iowa primaries

    Maryland primaries (moved from April 28)

    Montana primaries (Any registered voter may vote by mail via absentee ballot)

    New Mexico primaries

    Pennsylvania primaries (moved from April 28)

    Rhode Island presidential primaries (moved from April 28)

    South Dakota primaries

    Washington D.C. primaries

  • 6 Saturday

    US Virgin Islands Democratic presidential caucuses

  • 7 Sunday

    Puerto Rico Republican presidential primary

  • 9 Tuesday

    Georgia primaries (moved from March 24 and then May 19. Mail-in ballot applications have been mailed out to all registered voters)

    Maine primaries

    Nevada primaries

    North Dakota primaries

    South Carolina primaries

    West Virginia primaries (moved from May 12)

  • 23 Saturday

    Kentucky primaries (moved from May 19)

    New York primaries (moved from April 28)

    Virginia primaries (moved from June 9)

  • 30 Tuesday

    Colorado primaries

    Oklahoma primaries

    Utah primaries


  • 7 Tuesday

    Delaware primaries

    New Jersey primaries (Any registered voter can vote by mail via absentee ballot. Moved from June 2.)

  • 11 Saturday

    Louisiana presidential primaries


  • 4 Tuesday

    Arizona primaries

    Kansas primaries

    Michigan primaries

    Missouri primaries

    Washington primaries

  • 6 Saturday

    Tennessee primaries

  • 11 Tuesday

    Georgia General Runoff (Primary Nonpartisan General Runoff, and Special Runoff Election for Local and State Offices)

    Connecticut primaries

    Minnesota primaries

    Vermont primaries

    Wisconsin primaries

  • 17 Monday

    Democratic National Convention

  • 18 Tuesday

    Alaska primaries

    Florida primaries

    Wyoming primaries

  • 24 - 27

    Republican National Convention


  • 1 Tuesday

    Massachusetts primaries

  • 8 Tuesday

    New Hampshire primaries

    Rhode Island primaries

  • 15 Tuesday

    Delaware primaries


  • 5 Monday

    Deadline to register for general election

  • 12 Monday

    Georgia early voting begins

  • 30 Friday

    Georgia early voting ends


  • 3 Tuesday

    Election Day

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