After 3 Months, DeKalb County Receives No Proposals For Confederate Monument

DeKalb County still hasn’t found somewhere to relocate the “Lost Cause” monument that is currently located in Decatur Square.

DeKalb County still hasn’t heard from anyone willing to take on its Confederate monument.

The county initially asked for proposals back in January and then extended the response period two times.

DeKalb Commissioner Jeff Rader said the county is still going to do something with the 110-year-old “Lost Cause” statue in Decatur Square.

“What we would suggest is that is no longer the appropriate location for it,” he said. “At the very least it ought to be removed from that place of honor.”

Georgia law simply doesn’t allow the county to conceal the monument.

Rader said the county did get a lot of general suggestions for what to do with the monument, that it be placed in context or put in a museum. He expects the commission to incorporate those ideas into its policy decision.

Technically there is still time for the public to submit detailed plans of their own. The final response period officially ends next week on April 23.

The DeKalb County Commission voted on Jan. 23 to begin the process of relocating the statue. That was after months of attention on the state beginning with the violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer.

At that time, Atlanta also began plans to address confederate symbols within its boundaries.

The city has yet to act on recommendations from an advisory group set up for that purpose.