7 Stages Brews Up New Work With Atlanta Playwrights

If you want to know what some of the most talented theatre artists in Atlanta are working on right now, 7 Stages has your answer. The Home Brew Series has put together nine playwrights and theatre artists to stage a string of readings of new works.

The lineup includes new plays by Daryl Fazio, Mark Kendall and Topher Payne. Theroun Patterson’s play “Red Summer,” being presented in a reading on Friday, began life during 2016’s Home Brew series.

“The last time, we essentially created the play that first week,” Patterson says. “I came in with probably 30 pages and we ended up with about 67. That’s how we do. I’ve had a chance to do more research and think about this and this is giving me the opportunity to revisit the play.”

Poet Theresa Davis is using this year’s Home Brew to create her first play—a one-woman show titled “Then They’ll Tell You It’s All In Your Head.”

In addition to the staged readings taking place over the course of two weekends, the series will also feature a creators summit with the writers and directors.

7 Stages Home Brew Festival opens Thursday and runs through Nov. 18.