ACLU Represents KKK

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia has agreed to represent the Ku Klux Klan after it was turned down from participating in the ‘adopt-a-highway’ program in Union County.

Though the ACLU is representing the KKK in its attempt to Adopt a Highway,  Executive director, Debbie Seagraves says there’s been no decision on how they plan to approach the matter.

“When we agree to represent someone there’s a lot of research that needs to happen, decisions are made on an ongoing basis, strategy and tactics to deal with a problem develop as we consider what we find.”

The Klan was recently denied the chance to clean up part of Route 515 in Union City.  Seagroves says that the decision to exclude the group from  a purely voluntary program appears to be based on a the viewpoint of group members, which she says is a clear violation of the first amendment.

“Any decision about participating in a public program has to be content neutral, and when our department of transportation decided to close the program to a group because its views and opinions were offensive to some, we consider that a violation of the first amendment.” 

On advice from legal counsel, the Georgia Department of Transportation has no comment at this time.