Aggressive Parking Enforcement Prohibited Under Council Approved Bill


A bill heading to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed protects people who park their cars on Atlanta streets.

The bill the Atlanta City Council unanimously approved Monday keeps the private company enforcing the city’s parking laws from being too aggressive.

Since Park Atlanta started enforcing the city’s parking laws in 2010, drivers, business owners and others complained the private company was too strict. At the same time, many said the city and Park Atlanta did a bad job of telling people what the laws are.

After the city council tried more than once to fix the problem, the Mayor’s office and Park Atlanta hammered out a solution. City Councilman H. Lamar Willis…

“What we essentially did was went back and made some improvements to make sure that you didn’t have over aggressive enforcement,” said Willis. “If there were broken meters, signs were not properly placed or had been removed, this legislation called for those things to be fixed within 48 hours.”

If Park Atlanta doesn’t fix those things and gives you a ticket, the bill gives the city the power to fine Park Atlanta and forgive the ticket. You would also be able to go on the city’s website and file a complaint. Under the bill, the city has the power to fire Park Atlanta employees with a history of complaints.

Before passing the bill, the Council approved an amendment from Councilwoman Felicia Moore. The amendment tells Park Atlanta it can only enforce laws stated on corrected parking signs.