Aris Theatre’s Production Of ‘Woman And Scarecrow’ Showcases The Bitter Humor Of Death And Sorrow

“Woman and Scarecrow” follows one woman on her deathbed looking back on her life’s truths and regrets, while her alter ego “the Scarecrow” lurks in the shadows.

Summer Evans / WABE

A bedroom. A large ominous wardrobe. A dying woman. That’s the setting of “Woman and Scarecrow,” the upcoming production of  Aris Theatre.

Irish playwright Marina Carr takes us through the crossroads of one woman caught between a miserable life and death knocking at her door. Literally. Director John Ammerman and actor Elisa Carlson, who plays “The Woman,” joined Lois Reitzes to discuss this dark comedy.

“When people are in high emotion, they can be very funny in order to make others understand what they’re going through. So, they’ll behave in ways that make them utterly ridiculous,” Ammerman said.

The Woman is a mother to eight children and is married to an unfaithful man. The setting of the play shows the Woman on her deathbed mulling over all her regrets and sorrows with her alter-ego, “The Scarecrow.” She’s coming to terms with what her life has been and what her life could have been, had she not given up on her hopes and dreams. Carr specifically chose a scarecrow to represent the antithetical double due to its Irish mythology association.

“Woman and Scarecow” opens Sept. 20 and runs through Oct. 6 at the Back Stage of 7 Stages Theatre.