Election 2020

Around Georgia, Counting The State’s Ballots

Helen Butler sits on the Elections Board in Morgan County.
Helen Butler sits on the Elections Board in Morgan County.
Credit Helen Butler

The hand counting of the state’s Election Day ballots is well underway in all Georgia counties — big and small.

Morgan County is one of the diminutive ones.

It sits in the north-central region of the state, and it’s where just under 12,000 votes were cast on Election Day. That’s about half the county’s population.

Helen Butler sits on the Elections Board and wanted to have her say.

She has no problem overseeing the vote audit in such a close race, but she is questioning those who allege irregularities may have taken place on Nov. 3.

Recently, Butler spoke to Lisa Rayam, host of WABE’s “Morning Edition.”

Meanwhile, Fulton County election workers have completed a hand count of more than 500,000 ballots cast in the presidential race.

In a tweet, the county said its risk-limiting audit was completed Sunday.

The count started Friday.

Georgia’s secretary of state ordered the first-of-its-kind audit last week.

Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump by just 14,000 votes in Georgia.

Officials expect to certify the election after the audit is completed.

In DeKalb, the county used a former Sam’s Club building in Stonecrest to hand count ballots.

DeKalb Elections Director Erica Hamilton says it’s a plan that came together with just a few days’ notice.

“There were not really any challenges. We worked together with the county and city of Stonecrest, so once we knew it was going to have to happen, we all pulled everyone together and made it happen.”

Election officials say they don’t anticipate President-elect Biden’s 14,000-vote lead to change much even after the audit.

WABE’s Sam Whitehead and Emil Moffatt contributed to this report.

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