Atlanta Announces First Two-Way Cycle Track

Credit Catherine Mullins

Atlanta’s first two-way bike lane is now under construction near Piedmont Park. The lanes on 10th street will eventually connect cyclists from the Beltline to Peachtree Street in Midtown.

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Riding a red commuter bike, Cecilia Trode, a senior at Georgia State, was on her way to class. She says she usually avoids the larger, more-trafficked roads.

“It’s just more fun to find smaller side street ways, so you don’t have to deal with angry drivers. People going fast, people passing you with less than 3 feet – it’s not very comfortable, “Trode says.

But she says the new dedicated lanes along 10th street will make her ride to Midtown a lot easier. 

According to an app called CycleAtlanta, this street is one the most popular routes for cyclists.

Scott Turnbull, project manager on site, described the progress.

“We finished the striping and today we’re installing all the bike ramps that will allow people to either come off the cycle track into the park or from the park into the cycle track.”

Plastic posts are already up, dividing the lane from cars. The path will eventually be painted green to further distinguish the bike lanes from the car lanes.

The project is a partnership between the Path Foundation, the Midtown Alliance and the City of Atlanta. Earlier this Spring, the mayor allocated more than $2 million for bike projects in the city.

William Billups, who biked from Decatur, says the track is just one more step towards making Atlanta more cycle-friendly.   

“(It’ll) make it more safer for bikers in the street in Atlanta. Besides, we want people to be more bike aware in Atlanta,” Billups says.

But it’s not just bikers who are happy about the lanes. Paul Araujo, who was training at the Park, says it’ll make him a less anxious driver.  

“You know, we don’t want to run over those people – we want them to be cool and safe at all times. I think that’s the most important thing. So will it help? Yes it’ll help,” Araujo says.

The city says the lane’s first phase, which stretches to Charles Allen Drive, will be ready for riders in early August.