Atlanta Artist, Architect Exhibit Work At Venice Biennale

Courtesy of Bojana Ginn

Being invited to show artwork at Venice’s Biennale would be considered a career highlight by many, and two Atlanta-based artists are among those holding that honor.

The bi-annual contemporary visual art and architecture exhibition opened among the canals and plazas of the Italian city in late May. The work of William Carpenter, architect and founder of design firm Lightroom, and sculptor Bojana Ginn, titled “Presence,” is currently on exhibit at the famed event. 

“In this collaboration, what we’ve really tried to do is elevate both of our games, both of our approaches,” Carpenter says, referring to the combination of Ginn’s work with light, projection and sculpture along with his own architectural elements. “We’re really trying to redefine the normal practice of architecture and move […] into the fine arts.”

Both Carpenter and Ginn called the invitation to exhibit work at the Biennale an honor, though one that presented challenges. The pair raised funds through local gallery owners and patrons to make the trip to Italy, but also required research and trial-and-error in getting the work there.

“We were a little bit …” Ginn hesitates, “should I say scared? Because we were preparing work for something that is across the Atlantic.”

Ultimately, “Presence” traveled to Venice packed into suitcases.

“There was so much work involved,” Ginn says, “that I feel that right now after everything is done [that] I can actually look back and see what happened.”

Once the work of putting their exhibition was through, however, Ginn thrilled at the experience of attending the exhibit.

“Just walking endless hours from one exhibition to another,” she says, “like a kid in a candy shop … it was overwhelming. ”