Atlanta Drag Queens Celebrated In New Reality TV Series

Credit Meg Chase


Atlanta’s claim to reality TV fame has been “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but a new show delves into the lives of real drag queens.

“Atlanta’s A Drag” features five Atlanta drag queens as they navigate their lives in and out of drag. The cast includes a generational mix of Bubba D. Licious, Mr. Charlie Brown, Wild Cherry Sucret, B***** Puddin’, and Violet Chachki of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame.

Lauren Cribb and Andrew McDonald are the producers of the series and are currently pitching their pilot episode to networks.

“I think the great thing about reality TV is that you can tell some serious stories and underline them, but it’s an entertainment,” said McDonald.

In just shooting the pilot episode, personality conflicts (necessary for any reality series) have arisen among the cast, particularly around generational differences.

“It’s rough being a female impersonator,” said Mr. Charlie Brown. “These days, it is better, but there is a lot of drama with doing drag, and our lives are not just the stage.”

The show, though, is not just about conflict. It’s also about celebration.

“We want to highlight the art of drag and edify it,” said McDonald. “We don’t want this show to be a show that puts people down. We want to see the minutia of their lives and some of the ridiculousness of their lives.”

You can watch the trailer to the pilot here.

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