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Atlanta Filmmaker Felipe Barral Releases Daily, Serene One-Minute ‘Bellos’

A new video is put out on the "BELLA" Facebook page each day.
A new video is put out on the "BELLA" Facebook page each day.
Credit Courtesy of Felipe Barral

“Bella” is related to the Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Greek/Latin words for “beautiful.” BELLA is also the name of a streaming service created by Atlanta filmmaker and former CNN producer Felipe Barral.

His company releases a new one-minute video each day called “bellos.”

They’re serene videos showcasing beautiful landscapes around the world — from Rio de Janeiro, to the beach, to the Atacama Desert. These videos are meant to help people find a peaceful moment during this time of uncertainty and anxiousness.

“Wherever people are stuck at home, they can enjoy these one-minute videos. This is a daily one minute of a breathing space. It’s free, and I hope everyone will take a minute to watch and find a moment of freshness. And I think we as content creators, we have a duty also to help with beautiful content and meaningful content,” Barral said.

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