Atlanta Housing Authority Arranges For 560 Residents In Senior High-Rises To Receive Vaccine

The Atlanta Housing Authority has arranged for a third of seniors living in Atlanta’s public housing to receive the vaccine.

Mary Altaffer / AP Photo

About a third of seniors living in Atlanta’s public housing have received a COVID-19 vaccine as a result of an effort from the city’s low-income housing agency.

The Atlanta Housing Authority owns a dozen senior high-rises throughout the city. In those high rises are about 1900 residents. Most are above the age of 62, although some are younger and disabled.

When the vaccine became available, the housing authority worked with community health care providers to get doses to residents. According to senior vice president Howard Grant, the agency arranged vaccinations at the high rises and transportation to outside sites.

About 560 residents accepted the offer.

“We can’t make anyone take the vaccine,” Grant said. “But what we can do is provide the educational material that will help influence their decision.”

He said the housing authority plans to provide more opportunities for residents to receive the vaccine now that eligibility has expanded. It doesn’t track how many got vaccinated on their own.

The agency has reported five deaths from COVID-19 in the senior developments.