Atlanta Regional Commission surveys public on transportation priorities through 2050

In the next 25 years, it’s estimated that nearly two million more people will move to Atlanta and its surrounding counties. That’s similar to the population of Nashville moving and calling Atlanta home.

If you’re considering how much worse this could make your commute, the Atlanta Regional Commission wants you to take their survey.

ARC has $173 billion to put towards transportation projects through the year 2050.

However, they say that’s not enough money for a 20-county area – so they want the public’s help in deciding how to prioritize local transportation projects.

Anna Roach, the ARC’s Executive Director & CEO, says the urbanized areas are all distinct in their own unique ways and have distinct needs for their job markets.

“We want to know where people see themselves now versus where they would like to see themselves in the future,” said Roach. “We want to know what their biggest challenges are to make their access easier.”

Roach acknowledged that many people want rail in their neighborhoods. ARC also hopes the survey results will show how to address climate change and equity in the area.

The ARC survey is expected to wrap up by the end of the summer and will be adopted by January 2024.