Atlantans React To Boy Scouts Decision To Accept Girls

Packs will be able to choose to be all girl, all boy, or a mix of both.
Packs will be able to choose to be all girl, all boy, or a mix of both.
Credit Mary Altaffer / Associated Press

Atlanta Boy Scout troops are reacting to the national organization’s decision to accept girls.

Girls will be able to enter as Cub Scouts and work to the rank of Eagle Scout. Packs can choose to be all girl, all boy, or a mix of both.

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Tracy Techau, scout executive for the Atlanta Council of the Boy Scouts, said the decision is about keeping up with the times.

“Organizations that serve the needs of families and parents and children have to be adaptive,” Techau said. “We have to look at what the current generation is looking for to fulfill the goals they have for their children.”

He said they are responding to what families have asked for.

A Roswell mom, who grew up in the Girl Scouts and doesn’t want her name used since her two sons are Eagle Scouts, said there is a reason boys and girls have separate organizations.

“My boys do not behave the same when they’re around girls as they do when it’s just a bunch of guys,” she said. “I cannot imagine ever, ever staying with Girl Scouts and going through those awkward years and having a boy right there.”

She said boys and girls are equal but they each have different needs when growing up.

Amy Dosik, CEO of the Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta Council, said they were not surprised by the decision but they were disappointed.

She said both organizations are important but the developmental needs of girls and boys should be met separately

In 2014, the Boy Scouts began allowing openly gay members. The following year they began allowing openly gay leaders. Then, earlier this year, they started accepting transgender scouts.