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Atlanta Sounds: The Hammerchord Inventor

Bob Cunningham and the "Hammerchord."
Bob Cunningham and the "Hammerchord."
Credit Stephannie Stokes/WABE

 Many people are interested in music or, at least, love listening to it. But few have gone as far as recreating the musical instruments that fascinate them. 

That has been the life-long passion of Atlanta resident Bob Cunningham, and for the last few decades it has inspired him to build wooden harps, first as a hobby and then professionally.

One day his appreciation for the craft even led him to invent an instrument of his own, called the “Hammerchord,” as you’ll learn in the sound portrait below. 

Composer Carson Cooman has developed several pieces for the Hammerchord, including “Fanfare for Hammerchord” and “Suite for Hammerchord.”

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