Atlanta Virtual Reality Company Looks Beyond Gaming Industry

ATLvr is a virtual reality consulting firm in Atlanta. They host monthly meet-ups for VR developers and enthusiasts.
Credit Courtesy of ATLvr
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The gaming industry has embraced virtual reality full-throttle. Gamers sit with their headsets, completely encompassed by a digital landscape.

There is a company here in Atlanta that hopes to bring this technology to all industries. The company, ATLvr, evolved from a meetup group to a consulting firm. Now they work on a variety of projects in multiple industries with virtual reality and 360-degree video.

Founders Annie Eaton and Peter Stolmeier spoke with WABE’s Gabbie Watts about some of their arts-oriented projects, including a virtual reality fashion show and music therapy at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Artists are already using 360-degree video in their work. One Atlanta artist is making a video about dementia; another is making a video about homelessness.

“It’s all about getting inside someone else’s mind and really being able to empathize with them in such a powerful format,” Eaton said.

“People who try it agree that it is an empathy machine,” Stolmeier said. “It makes you feel in ways that you just don’t get off of a 2-D screen. That’s a bold statement … but put it on your face and tell me it doesn’t feel like you are there. And that’s what you need in order to feel empathy.”

ATLvr hosts monthly meetups for virtual reality enthusiasts and people curious about the technology.