Atlanta Voters Hit The Polls To Decide On Atlanta’s Next Mayor

WABE talked to voters on election day in metro Atlanta
WABE talked to voters on election day in metro Atlanta
Credit David Goldman / Associated Press
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It’s election day in metro Atlanta. Ahead of results coming in for races, including for the highest-profile contest  – Atlanta mayor, WABE talked to voters.

Christopher Meyer has three kids. He said his family has considered moving out of the city for better schools.

“If we can get a good mayor, a good government/city council here in the city, we might stick around,” Meyer said.

Granvette Matthews said she cast her vote focusing on crime and employment where she lives.

“I looked at the people who are running and what they had to say about dealing with neighborhood issues,” she said. “We need folks who will listen and then make decisions, but listen to all the voice because we all vote.”

The mayoral election hasn’t been solely focused on economic or social issues, but also on whether race would play a factor in voters’ decisions.

“We live in a majority African-American city,” said Alex McGee, who believes race couldn’t be ignored. “A lot of the issues that we as a city face have to do with race. I don’t think you can remove race from any of these issues.”

Revonda Cosby agrees but: “What I did see was a fair contest. I saw two women who had to dig deep to insult each other because their platforms were still very similar.”

If today’s turnout is like last month’s general election, the majority of voters will hit the polls this afternoon.

“From 3 to 8 in November, we had like 50,000 people vote,” said Rick Barron, head of Fulton County Registration and Elections. “And through the first, I guess, 8 hours, we only had I think, 30,000.”

But Barron added weather could be a factor in turnout. Tuesday afternoon’s forecast calls for the possibility of rain.

Polls for the city of Atlanta races close at eight tonight.