Beautiful City: Outdoor Activity Center

Grandfather Beech.
Grandfather Beech.
Credit Mary Claire Kelly / WABE

“Beautiful City” is WABE’s series about places to get away from Atlanta without leaving the city.

Today we’re heading off to the urban forest of the Bush Mountain Outdoor Activity Center. The 40-year-old park, hidden in the middle of a Southwest Atlanta neighborhood, features two miles of trails, a large wooden playground, a cabin-like educational center, and a community garden that sits on the former practice lot of the Atlanta Black Crackers baseball team.

We were recently given a tour of the park by environmental education coordinator, Evonne Blythers, who seems to know every bird, tree and insect on the property by name. As you will hear in this story, Evonne is someone who really loves her job.

Broadcast version of the story that originally aired on Sept. 29, 2014.

“Beautiful City” is made possible by a grant from The Kendeda Fund and through a partnership with Park Pride, celebrating 25 years of more and better parks for Atlanta.

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