Big South Volleyball Event Brings 15K Female Athletes To Atlanta

The annual Big South National Qualifying Tournament is taking place in downtown Atlanta.
Credit / Courtesy of ASICS Big South National Qualifier

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The annual Big South National Qualifying Tournament is taking place in downtown Atlanta.

This event brings about 15,000 female volleyball players, between eight and 18 years old, to the area.

“It’s probably one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. It’s much bigger than people realize. Soccer is probably one of the biggest, but club volleyball is catching up to soccer in numbers very quickly,” tournament director Lauri Dagostino said.

There are more than 1,200 teams from 30 different states taking part in this tournament.

They’re all trying to win a bid to qualify for the USA Volleyball Junior National Championship, which takes place in June.

And they’ll suit up and hit the courts even though this is a holiday weekend.

“We typically go the last weekend of March and first weekend of April, in that time frame, and it means that two out of every five or six years, possibly we’re going to fall on Easter. We don’t fall on Easter every year,” Dagostino said.

The tournament ends Sunday afternoon.