Bill To Reduce ‘Speed Traps’ Gains Senate Approval

Credit kenstein / flickr.com

There could soon be fewer speed traps in Georgia. A bill passing the state Senate on Monday seeks to crack down on police departments that are only out to make money, rather than pulling people over for safety reasons.

Right now, it’s illegal for police departments to get more than 40 percent of their revenue from speeding fines. But departments don’t have to count speeding tickets that exceed 17 miles per hour toward that percentage. Senator Jesse Stone, R-Waynesboro says his bill changes that. He says all tickets would be counted under his legislation.

“This will encourage truth in ticketing and eliminate speed traps,” says Stone.

Under current law, if a department gets more than 40 percent of their revenue from speeding fines, the state can take away their ability to use speed detection devices. Last year, an Atlanta Journal Constitution investigation found

the worst violators were in rural Georgia. In the metro area, when population was taken into account, the cities of Doraville, Morrow and Jonesboro got the most revenue from traffic fines.  The report looked at department fines from 2008 through 2012.

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