‘Black And Mobile’ Focuses On Delivering From Black-Owned Restaurants

Twin brothers David Cabello and Aaron Cabello co-own the business "Black and Mobile."
Twin brothers David Cabello and Aaron Cabello co-own the business "Black and Mobile."
Credit Courtesy of Black and Mobile

A new delivery service is focusing on Atlanta’s Black-owned restaurants as takeout orders become more and more popular because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Philadelphia-based restaurant delivery service Black and Mobile made its debut in Atlanta earlier this month. The company differs from other services such as Grubhub and DoorDash by only delivering from Black-owned restaurants around the city.

David Cabello is founder and CEO of Black and Mobile. He is currently working on bringing his twin brother, Aaron Cabello, into the business as the co-owner. Their mom helps with the business as well as the manager of the restaurant applications.

“I feel like it was only right as a black man to not only represent my community, but to help uplift our community and to show our young people that we can do so much more than what they think of us and really just trying to be a positive role model,” said Cabello.

Shortly after dropping out of college, Cabello launched the first Black-owned food delivery service in the country. So far, the company has partnered with seven businesses in the metro-Atlanta, but the numbers are growing.

Alana Simpson, owner of TasteBuddz Atlanta, was the first restaurant in the city to use their services. The cuisine is American food with a Caribbean flare—a nod to her Trinidadian roots.

“We serve everything inside of a pineapple, the food is grilled. You have your choices of protein, mixed with veggies served over yellow rice and then it’s topped off with mozzarella cheese,” said Simpson. She partnered with Black and Mobile as a way to help under-served Black communities. “I think it was important to me, just being black and young, to help support those businesses and to help people get awareness that Black restaurants are out here.”

As for drivers, Cabello says they hire anyone from any ethnic background; they don’t even ask about the person’s race on the application. Plus, he says delivery drivers keep 100% of their tips.

Cabello also says he has big expansion plans for the future. “L.A. will probably be next, we got Chicago coming shortly after that. We got Baltimore. We got D.C. We got New Orleans, Houston…there’s so many places that we can bring this business model to, and we’ll be very successful at it.”

The app is available for download here.