Both Sides Of Ga. School Takeover Fight Launch Ad Campaigns

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Some Georgia voters will receive absentee ballots next week, marking the start of the fall election season. One of the issues before them will be a measure called Amendment One. The ballot question asks whether the Georgia Constitution should be changed to allow the state to take over so-called “chronically failing” schools. That would include any public school that scored an F on the state’s report card for three consecutive years.

This week, advocates on both sides of the issue have launched ad campaigns. A group called the Committee to Keep Georgia Schools Local, which opposes the plan to develop an “Opportunity School District,” said the plan would silence parents and gut local control of schools.

“The Amendment One ballot language is intentionally deceptive,” the group’s campaign manager Louis Elrod said in a statement. “That’s why we have to move quickly to educate voters about the pie-in-the-sky promises they’ll see at the polls.”

Meanwhile, a group called Opportunity for All Georgia Students, has issued an ad in support of the amendment. 

“[Gov. Nathan] Deal’s record of supporting K-12 education cannot be disputed, and claims made by others that the OSD would be a robbery of funds will fall flat with voters,” Tom Willis, head of the organization, said in a statement. ”We will campaign with a message that brings hope and opportunity to the tens of thousands of students trapped in chronically failing schools, and their parents left with no current alternatives.”

Under the plan, any local and state funds normally allocated to schools identified as failing would instead go toward the Opportunity School District.

Each advertisement is posted below:



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