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Bringing One for the Chipper – Recycling Christmas Trees in Grant Park

City of Atlanta employees collecting trees to be chipped
City of Atlanta employees collecting trees to be chipped
Credit Myke Johns / WABE

The Christmas season is officially over and as the decorations come down, one big questions is what to do with the tree? The residents of Grant Park had one answer with the good of the environment and the community in mind.  

Grant Park brings 500 for the chipper

It was called Bring One for the Chipper, an event organized by the Grant Park Conservancy and the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation, which oversees similar programs in communities all over the state. The drop-off point in Grant Park offered the neighborhood a place to bring their trees to have them chipped on the spot for mulch to be used there in the park.

Atlanta Sounds version of this story

WABE’s Myke Johns spoke with Alisa Chambers, the Conservancy’s Director of Operations, and with Grant Park residents as they hauled in their trees.

This story originally aired January 8, 2014

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