Canadian consul general on border opening to American travelers

Canada’s acting Consul General Louise Blais says the U.S.-Canada border is now open.

On Tuesday’s edition of ‘Closer Look,” the Canadian diplomat told program host Rose Scott that Americans and permanent residents can visit Canada, but they must show proof of vaccination and take a COVID test before leaving the country.

Blais also explained that certain Canadian providences are enforcing mask mandates.

“I traveled back in Canada, in early September, and I was very happy to see that when you arrive in places of businesses such as restaurants, they ask you to show your vaccine proof,” said Blais, whose office is based in Atlanta.

During the conversation, Blais discussed several other topics, including the state of Canada’s economy amid the pandemic, President Biden’s infrastructure plan, international trade and the importance of an integrated supply chain.

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Canada’s acting Consul General Louise Blais discusses new restrictions at the U.S.-Canada border and how the border reopening will impact international trade. (Courtesy of Louise Blais)