CARE Officials Help Syrian Refugees in Amman, Jordan: Part 1

[Note: this story was originally broadcast on Monday, September 30, 2013]The audio of the story as broadcast.

Rose Scott reporting from Amman, Jordan:

CARE's urban refugee center is located down a dusty and narrow road.

The building looks like any of the typical sandy, white stone buildings in east Amman.

This capital city of Jordan has been receiving Syrian refugees since last year.

The building is modest-looking and there's a small sign that reads “CARE REFUGEE CENTER”.

Inside, there is a waiting area.

But the presence of a microphone scares some of the women, and they are quick to cover and hide their faces.

Many of the refugees that come to the center are women.

But one has agreed to be registered within the presence of strangers.

A male volunteer is assessing her needs.

Sama, who works with CARE, is the interpreter.

Voice of Interpreter: “Her husband is the house-holder. They will put their registration form in his name … in the husband’s name”.

Some of the refugees will wait days for an appointment, but that’s the only way to be registered.

And some will travel hours to get to the center.

For many the cash assistance is the primary need in order to pay rent.

A decision has been made in how much she’ll receive.

Voice of Interpreter:  “They pay two hundred [unintelligible] for the flat.  No furniture.”

That’s just over 300 U.S. dollars.

That is a typical day inside CARE’s urban refugee center, but there’s more to come as case workers and officials follow up with a visit to some of the displaced Syrians.