Cargo Ship Stranded With Crew Off Georgia Coast Since April

The Newlead Castellano has been anchored off the coast of Tybee Island on the Georgia coast since April.


A cargo ship has been stranded off the coast of Georgia for nearly four months, and much of the crew is still on board.

A lender foreclosed on the vessel in April when its owner in Greece got behind on loan payments.

That left the crew members, who are Filipino, waiting on the Newlead Castellano vessel for a new owner. They don’t have the right immigration papers to come ashore.

Todd Baiad is an attorney representing the lender, who is paying the crew now.

“They seem to be in good spirits,” Baiad said. “Would I want to be stuck on that ship since April? No. But I think it’s something they’re probably a little bit more accustomed to.”

He said the crew had the choice to repatriate to the Philippines, but most decided to work on the ship until there was new ownership.

That means the workers’ stay off Georgia’s coast could end as soon as Monday, when the ship is scheduled to be auctioned off in Savannah.