Carter Says He’s In Good Health, Writing Book On Human Rights

Former President Jimmy Carter speaks Tuesday at the annual Human Rights Defenders Forum at the Carter Center in Atlanta. He said he is working on a book that will be finished this year.
Credit Alex Sanz / Associated Press
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Former President Jimmy Carter says he’s in good health — and writing a new book. On Tuesday, he told participants at a conference on human rights that he plans to include their work and thoughts in the book.

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“I’m not going to concentrate on hope,” he said. “I’m certainly not going to concentrate on despair. I’m not going to concentrate on anything except, I’m going to use the word, faith.”

He said he’ll finish the book, which will be published by Simon & Schuster, this year.

Carter also said he’s been in good health, though he did fall down recently on his farm and sprained his wrist.

“Every month I go over and have a scan of my brain where the cancer was,” he said. “I haven’t had any more trouble with my liver, part of which was removed because of cancer. So, my health is good.”

His remarks closed a two-day conference on human rights held by the Carter Center. On Monday, he hosted U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders at the event, and said that he voted for him.