CDC: 35 Hospitals Now Equipped With Ebola Treatment Units

The Atlanta-Based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are now dozens of hospitals across the country equipped with Ebola treatment units.

The CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services say 35 hospitals are now ready to treat a possible Ebola patient, with the expectation more will be added to the list in the coming weeks.As heard on the radio

“We’ve gone in and we’ve done assessments at these hospitals, and we’ve looked at the equipment that they use,” said CDC spokesperson Tom Skinner. “We look at the guidelines that they’re following, the procedures and protocols that they have in place.”

Most of the hospitals on the list are along the East Coast, the northern Midwest and in California.

Yet of the 35 hospitals, Emory University Hospital remains the only one in Georgia ready to accept a patient, according to the list.

In addition to Emory, six Georgia hospitals are said to be  The Georgia Department of Public Health has said it’s** installing Ebola treatment units, but the Georgia Department of Public Health has so far refused to name those facilities.

DPH spokeswoman Nancy Nydam says the other hospitals are still in the training and preparation process.

“Some of the hospitals are making physical modifications to their facilities in order to properly care for patients or potential patients, while keeping their medical staff protected, along with other patients and or members of the public,” she said in an email. “The hospitals will also be visited by the CDC and others to ensure they have completed all the training and met all the requirements to be Ebola-ready treatment or evaluation facilities.”

While that work continues, Nydam said health officials will continue to honor the hospitals’ request not to be identified.

**A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the Georgia Department of Public Health is installing Ebola treatment units in six state hospitals, in addition to Emory University Hospital. The individual hospitals are doing the installation, and the story has been corrected to reflect that.**