Celebrating The Birthday Of Scottish Hero, Poet Robert Burns

Hamish Caldwell, a Glasgow native, explains the details of how best to celebrate famed poet Robert Burns' birthday.
Credit / Library of Congress
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Perhaps it’s the Scots  — and the Scots alone — who find a dish like haggis palatable, but poetry lovers the world over adore the national hero of Scotland, Robert Burns.

Burns was born on Jan. 25, 1759, and Scots generally celebrate his birth on or around his birthday. And how does one celebrate a long-dead poet? With Burns Night — an evening of music, poetry and, of course, haggis.

Hamish Caldwell, a Glasgow native and friend of Lois Reitzes, visited “City Lights” and explained the details of a proper Burns Night celebration. Caldwell also recited three of Burns’ poems: “Address to a Haggis,” “My Bonie Bell,” and “My Heart’s in the Highlands.”