Center For Civil And Human Rights CEO Resigns

Derreck Kayongo has departed as CEO of The Center For Civil and Human Rights, the center announced Tuesday.
Credit Branden Camp / Associated Press
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Derreck Kayongo has resigned CEO of The Center for Civil and Human Rights after about two years in the job.

Spokesperson Kristie Cain Raymer said the departure was a surprise, even to the staff.

WABE asked Cain Raymer whether Kayongo was pressured to leave.

“No, not at all, not at all,” she said. “He’s done such a great job, and he’s recognized how good he is as a voice for human rights, and his story speaks for himself, so now he’ll have more time to do that.”

Brian Tolleson is now at the helm on an interim basis. He founded the center’s LGBT Institute.

The center also just named its incoming COO, Donald Byrd, an accountant who’s been working at a real estate firm.

A note of disclosure: The Center for Civil and Human Rights is a WABE underwriter.