City Of South Fulton Residents Fight Name Change To ‘Renaissance’

South Fulton City Councilmembers voted to increase the city's minimum wage to $20 an hour. (Ali Guillory/WABE)

Ali Guillory / WABE

The city of South Fulton is less than a week away from becoming Renaissance, Georgia. But some residents are upset about the new name.

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More than 800 people have signed a petition asking the City Council to pick a different name.

The petition is the brainchild of Westlake High School junior Kendall Henry.

“I don’t believe that it represents our area,” Henry said. “And other residents, their concerns with the name are kind of humorous things, like they can’t spell it. Then all of us united, our major problem is nobody was able to vote on it.”

Residents submitted some 240 possible names to the City Council ranging from Celebration Station to South Haven and even Obamaville.

Sophie Gibson, with Vivo 360, a marketing company that worked with the City Council to help it pick the new name, said the naming process started with residents.

“It’s usually the reverse,” Gibson said. “So the city of South Fulton took an unusual approach in this process.”

Gibson says most cities come up with a new name internally and then present it to residents.

The council narrowed the list down to three names, Renaissance, Atlanta Heights and Wolf Creek.

They are set to amend the city charter to allow naming Tuesday.

Henry said she hopes to gather a crowd to attend that meeting and change council members’ minds.