Cityhood Advocates in DeKalb Cite Ellis Indictment to Strengthen Case

Residents frustrated with DeKalb County government have discussed the prospect of incorporating into cities for years.

The indictment of DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis appears to be putting fuel on the fire.

In a recent opinion piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the leaders of two cityhood groups – one in north DeKalb, the other in south DeKalb – cited the Ellis indictment as another reason not to trust the county with their tax dollars. 

DeKalb commissioner Kathie Gannon isn’t surprised some are capitalizing on Ellis’ legal troubles.  

”Like any good politician, I guess, they’re going to use someone else’s shortcomings to advance their own position,” said Gannon.

Creating new cities takes years, but it’s not impossible. Over the last two decades, much of north Fulton County has incorporated. And last year, Brookhaven in north DeKalb won cityhood.

In response to the new efforts, Ellis has vowed to convene a task force next month made up of county officials, mayors, school officials, and business leaders. The task force will examine how the county can better meet local needs and if necessary lay down rules for residents pursuing cityhood.