Closer Look Summer Indie Artist Spotlight: T-Carter & Kosmoknot

T-Carter & Kosmoknot members L-R Joe Worrel (bass and vocals), Casey Crogan (drums), Trevor Carter (guitar and vocals) performed on "Closer Look."
T-Carter & Kosmoknot members L-R Joe Worrel (bass and vocals), Casey Crogan (drums), Trevor Carter (guitar and vocals) performed on "Closer Look."
Credit Emilia Brock

Local Atlanta rock band T-Carter & Kosmoknot stopped by the WABE studios for week two of the Closer Look Summer Indie Music Series.

The band fuses elements of rock, blues, Americana, country and soul. Three members of the group – guitarist and lead vocalist Trevor Carter, drummer Casey Crogan, and bassist and vocalist Joe Worrel – joined us in studio to tell us more about their blend of genres, their story, and to give us a live performance.

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Given how confidently these guys play together, it’s hard to imagine that T-Carter & Kosmoknot was formed in 2017. But that is how the band started in the first place: discovering that they jelled naturally. In fact, the band played its first show without ever having practiced together.

“Without coming together that first time, this band probably wouldn’t have ever lasted, if we hadn’t realized that we can play together without any practice,” Worrel said. “We improvised well together.”

And although the band has changed and grown since that first concert, the current line-up has developed as performers and as creators. Now, T-Carter & Kosmoknot work together to write and workshop new songs.

“You’ve got to have a pliable ego, that’s for sure,” Crogan said. “It’s more than the music. You know, we’re friends too, so when we come together in a rehearsal space or in a writing session, everyone kind of throws ideas out there. It’s an open environment for ideas, and that’s how we mold it.”

And after a little more than a year, the band has already garnered some attention, playing earlier this year at Atlanta’s Dogwood Festival. The group recorded that performance and have released a live album while they’re working on their first studio album.

“This little monster’s only just started to evolve,” Crogan said. “We follow our influences. Like any artist, we just want to make something, we want to create something that we love, and that we’re proud of. And then we want to take that and show it to other people, and if they can dance to it and enjoy it, then that’s a success for us.”

T-Carter & Kosmoknot will play at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta this Friday, June 29 and at the Friendship Music Festival in Murrayville, Georgia on Saturday. You can find out more here.

Video credit: Tripp Stephens

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