Closer Look’s Summer Indie Music Spotlight 2019: The Adam Klein Trio

Adam Klein, on acoustic guitar and vocals (right), Bret Hartley, on electric guitar (left), and Phil Skipper, upright bass, join “Closer Look” for a live, in-studio performance as part of the program’s Summer Indie Music series.

Grace Walker / WABE

With songs titled “Goin’ Down to Peachtree” and “Lookout Doraville,” singer-songwriter Adam Klein says a sense of place inspires much of his music.”

“Place is huge. A lot of my songs reference place,” Klein said. “If you can separate yourself from the rat race..and maybe it means going into an idyllic country setting. Or maybe it means unplugging and stepping into a different environment, I feel like that helps produce something real and thoughtful.”

And while many of Klein’s songs focus on Atlanta and his hometown of Athens, Georgia, Klein says he was most inspired while working for the Peace Corps in Mali.

“I wrote a lot of songs there. The place, the vibrancy of the people and the culture, the landscape was very inspiring,” he said.

Klein joined “Closer Look with Rose Scott” in studio for the program’s Summer Indie Music series, alongside Bret Hartley, on electric guitar, and Phil Skipper, on upright bass.

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