Cobb Commissioners Approve Budget And Higher Taxes

Cobb County’s homeowners will be paying more taxes soon. Cobb County commissioners approved a 1.7 millage rate increase at their Wednesday night meeting.

They also adopted their 2019 budget.

County officials said they were in a $30 million shortfall and needed more money for police vehicles and certain services, like libraries and parks.

Hundreds of residents spoke at the meeting. Some complained but most were supportive.

One East Cobb resident says the tax hike will cost her an extra $200 a year or $16 a month.

“Anyone who’s gone into Starbucks, $4 a week doesn’t get you very far,” Jo Ellen Smith said. “For the quality of life that we have here, the senior centers in Cobb, my god, I will give up a Starbucks so police can have whatever they want.”

But Commissioner Bob Ott opposed it.

“I can’t support the proposed millage increase or budget because I don’t believe it looks for the efficiencies or cuts before calling for a tax increase,” Ott said.

Both the fiscal year budget and tax rate increase passed on a 3 to 2 vote.