Cobb Sued Over Land Taken For Braves Stadium Bridge

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There’s already been complaints about future traffic and parking issues, and now there’s a lawsuit linked to the new Atlanta Braves stadium.

In May, Cobb County used eminent domain to get two plots of land that officials said they needed for a bridge near SunTrust Park.

But the owners of that property are now suing Cobb, saying they weren’t compensated properly.

“In many situations the property owner will take the issue to court, to simply use that as a negotiation tool to try to get more money for the property so that’s not unusual at all,” said WABE legal analyst Page Pate.

Cobb officials and the lawyers representing the property owners both declined to comment on the pending matter.

Pate says this is another example of how the cost of SunTrust Park could be higher than what Cobb officials originally thought:

“Because there are always factors like this. I mean, you know don’t know how much you’re going to have to pay to condemn property before you condemn it, because if there is a disagreement it can ultimately end up in court and it can cost the county much more than it ever intended to pay.”

A hearing on the case is scheduled for next month.