A Conversation with Erin Brockovich, “Protector of the Earth”


Erin Brockovich Friday night earned the honor of “Protector of the Earth.”

That’s what the Atlanta-based Captain Planet Foundation calls the award given annually to what organizers call “real-life environmental superheros.”

Many know Erin Brockovich’s story thanks in part to the 2000 movie by the same name starring Julia Roberts.

Brockovich isn’t an attorney. And it’s by accident she even ended up as a file clerk in a legal office.  But that’s where she learned of Hinkley, California.  Pacific Gas and Energy stood accused of poisoning the town’s water supply.  Brockovich helped win a settlement for the town’s 600 residents — a record $333-million.

WABE’s Jim Burress sat down with Brockovich.  He began the conversation by asking how often she thinks of the small California town. 

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