Deal Goes After Jason Carter For Grandfather’s Comments On Carbon Tax

Gov. Nathan Deal is again linking his Democratic opponent state Sen. Jason Carter to recent comments made by his famous grandfather. This time on energy policy.

At a policy summit in Colorado, former president Jimmy Carter advocated for a national tax on carbon pollution and referred to those who deny global warming as “nutcases.”

Deal said he assumes Jason Carter shares those views.

“It is a dangerous policy and if people are subscribing to a cap and trade policy that President Carter is advocating than they should think very hard about having a governor who supports that,” said Deal.

He added no one should be referred to as nutcases.

“If he wants to use that classification then I guess I fit,” said Deal.

When asked to clarify, Deal said he believes in global warming but doesn’t know whether or not it’s man-made.

“It is an argument and a debate that will continue in this country and I have no reason to become engaged in it other than to say I’m the governor of this state. I’ll try to protect the ratepayers on their utility bills and I’ll try to make sure we remain competitive,” said Deal.

The governor has said Jimmy Carter’s comments are fair game as long as he plays a key role in his grandson’s fundraising efforts. Jason Carter has countered Deal is trying to score cheap political points and distract voters from Georgia’s real problems.

Jason Carter reiterated that Thursday.

“It just shows how far he’s willing to go to avoid the subject,” said Carter. “The bottom line is this governor’s record on education is one of the worst we’ve seen. His record on the economy is one of the worst we’ve seen and getting worse every day including today. And everyone has seen his record with regard to running an honest government.”

Carter campaign spokesman Bryan Thomas added Carter won’t be dragged into old partisan battles.

“Jason believes global warming is real and science should be guiding our decisions when it comes to policy,” said Thomas.

He said Georgia’s education system is underfunded and the unemployment rate is too far above the national average. Thomas said those are the issues Carter will continue to talk about.

“Jason’s never going to do anything to put Georgia at a competitive disadvantage. Global warming is a national and international problem and needs to be addressed that way. What Jason is committed to doing is growing solar energy here in Georgia and reaping the jobs that come with it,” said Thomas.  

In recent years as a state senator, Carter has pushed legislation that would make it easier for homeowners to finance solar panel installations. The legislation, however, has stalled in committee.