DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May Tells Town Hall He Won’t Resign

Interim Dekalb County CEO Lee May addresses a town hall meeting in Lithonia, Georgia.
Interim Dekalb County CEO Lee May addresses a town hall meeting in Lithonia, Georgia.
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At a town hall meeting in Lithonia Tuesday, DeKalb County interim CEO Lee May said he will not resign, defying calls from County Commissioner Nancy Jester and some residents. 

Hundreds gathered at the Lou Walker Senior Center to hear May respond to claims in a recent report accusing the county executive of illegal expenditures and poor leadership.

The report from former Attorney General Mike Bowers was commissioned by May at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. May said he did not spend government money improperly.

“I showed up to the board of commissioners meeting, the first board meeting since this has all happened, and sat there and took all of the public comments of people telling me I need to resign,” he said. “I’m not running from nobody, OK. I have nine of these meetings scheduled.”

Kevin Oliver of Lithonia says he’s frustrated with the government’s response to the report. He says there’s been too much he said, she said.

“You know, this nickel and diming, and politicking, just so they can get him out so they can get in this position, I’m not for that,” said Oliver. “I’d like to see the CEO and the commissioners for that matter act like grown-ups.”

Two people at the meeting held signs reading: “Stay strong May” and “We believe in Lee.”

Tom Walton from south DeKalb wants to give May a chance. He says the county executive is learning on the job, and he’s hopeful the situation will improve.

“I think with more experience, and more people getting involved, it should get better in the future,” said Walton.

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