Deloitte Opening Software Center in Atlanta

Deloitte picks Atlanta over six other metro areas for its new iLab.
Deloitte picks Atlanta over six other metro areas for its new iLab.
Credit Deloitte

Atlanta’s profile in the tech world is getting another boost.

Deloitte is expected to open an “iLab” in the downtown area later this year.

That’s where the financial and consulting firm will develop cloud-based software and advanced analytics products for its Fortune 250 clients.

Officials say Georgia’s higher education system helped metro Atlanta beat out six other areas for the facility.

“Georgia Tech, Emory University, the University of Georgia and other universities, do provide a growing number of graduates and programs and activities that we can draw upon.  And certainly the general business climate in Atlanta is one that we wanted to invest in,” says Ed Heys, a managing partner with Deloitte.

The center will be located on Peachtree Street.

Over the next four years it’s expected to create 400 new jobs.

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There’s a chance Deloitte might expand its presence throughout the metro area during that time.

“Our strategy now…..both to grow these businesses organically as well as the potential for us to be active in terms of acquisitions and partnerships,” says Paul Roma, with Deloitte Consulting.

Deloitte plans on opening four other of these centers, nationally, before the end of the decade.