Democratic Candidate For Cobb District Attorney Flynn Broady Discusses Racial Justice And His Campaign

Flynn Broady, Democratic Candidate For Cobb District Attorney

Courtesy of Flynn Broady

Flynn Broady is an Army veteran, experienced prosecutor and a former assistant solicitor general.

And now, he’s the Democrat on the ticket for Cobb County District Attorney.

His opponent, the current Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes is also the lead prosecutor on the high profile Ahmaud Arbery case in south Georgia.

Arbery was shot to death earlier this year while jogging in a South Georgia neighborhood. All three white men charged in the death of the Black jogger have pleaded not guilty.

In an interview with WABE, Broady said he’s determined not to let his messaging get lost in Holmes’ shadow.

He wants to be clear, his focus is on fairness and reform.

“What we have to do in all points in our criminal justice system,” he began, “is to make sure that everyone is represented and has a true opportunity to seek justice when they are going through that system, whether it be good or bad. I bring to that situation as someone who has had experiences and leadership to help people understand that we don’t need to throw away the key on everybody that goes through the criminal justice system. Some of those people just need to be rehabilitated and given an opportunity to [succeed]. That’s why I am so much for restorative justice than punitive justice.”

His experience in the accountability courts and the Cobb County Diversion and Pretrial Diversion program, Broady says, adds to and his life experience and leadership.

And his leadership experience Broady said, sets him apart from his opponent.

“We’ve had over 50 deaths in Cobb County Adult Detention Center in the last 16 years.  There’s no excuse for that. I think there needs to be a thorough investigation. We can’t just say they are criminals in the jail. Innocent people get arrested all of the time.”

Broady added, “My biggest issue is I am focused on restorative justice. My integrity, my ethics, my morals are those things I live by I believe we can make our community much more safer than it is.”

WABE’s Maria White Tillman contributed to this report.

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