Diagnosed With Coronavirus, Sen. Nikema Williams Calls For Georgia Shelter-In-Place Order

State Sen. Nikema Williams tested positive for the coronavirus recently.
State Sen. Nikema Williams tested positive for the coronavirus recently.
Credit John Bazemore / Associated Press

State Democratic Party Chair Sen. Nikema Williams has COVID-19.

The Democratic senator, who represents State District 39, said she received her diagnosis just over two weeks ago. That’s around the same time she came in close contact with fellow Sen. Brandon Beach at the Capitol during a special session. Beach, who tested positive for the virus, showed up to the state Capitol while awaiting the results of his test.

“I’ve had some pretty rough days,” Williams said.

She isn’t placing any blame, but called on Gov. Brian Kemp to issue a consistent, statewide shelter-in-place order. Kemp is defending his decision to hold off for now, citing that not every Georgia county is reporting cases of the virus.

“When he got his test results, I texted Senator Beach and told him I was praying for him,” Williams said, adding that while Beach is the person who was chastised for showing up to work, there are many others who carry the virus but are asymptomatic.

“I don’t want people to think that only those people that are symptomatic and are getting tested are spreading the virus,” she said.

She said it was almost a week from when the symptoms first started before she got a confirmed diagnosis.

Williams spoke to “Morning Edition” host Lisa Rayam over the phone with updates on her condition.

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