Election 2020 And Georgia’s League Of Women Voters

Susannah Scott is president of the Georgia Chapter of League of Women Voters.
Susannah Scott is president of the Georgia Chapter of League of Women Voters.
Credit Courtesy of Susannah Scott

With the Republican National Convention set to begin Monday night, and the Democratic National Convention taking place last week — Georgia’s League of Women Voters is paying close attention to the messaging of both parties.

This week is being recognized by the League of Women Voters as “Equality Week.”

The President of the Georgia Chapter of the League of Women Voters, Susannah Scott said she’s beginning to hear more about the equity and inclusion of women who will likely play a key role in the presidential race and other important elections.

And in Scott’s opinion, that’s a good thing.

” I do think given the fact that in 2016 women made up of 55% of voters as compared to our share of population. I  think women do have a deciding voice in elections.”  Scott added, candidates are talking to women. “We’ve known the role African American women play in elections.  I think we have seen the impact of while women can have as well in elections. Candidates are taking the female voters into account when campaigning.”

At The League of Women Voters, “We are not 100% satisfied. I think they’re making steps toward thinking about women.  I am not 100% certain that both parties have really grasp equally what is it that women care bout and how to address those issues. She added, ” they’re beginning to make that adjustment”.

Scott added women need to show up.

“Not just in November,” she said, “but in all elections going forward.”

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