City Lights: “Winnie-The-Pooh” The Musical; Author Laurel Snyder; And More

Bonnie Erickson originally came on board with the Jim Henson Company as a costume designer. She later created characters like Miss Piggy and Statler and Waldorf.
Credit courtesy of Disney and the Jim Henson Company
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Wednesday on “City Lights with Lois Reitzes”:

  • 1:20: Lois Reitzes and Christopher Moses, the director of education and associate artistic director at the Alliance Theatre, talk about the upcoming production of “Winnie-the-Pooh” at the Alliance.
  • 19:46: Reitzes speaks with Atlanta author Laurel Snyder about her novel “Orphan Island.”
  • 26:48: Puppet creator Bonnie Erickson joins Reitzes to talk about her work at the Jim Henson Company, which included designing and creating the characters of Miss Piggy and Statler and Waldorf.
  • 38:33: Producer Myke Johns talks with screenwriter Karen McCullah about her career writing hit films, including “10 Things I Hate About You” as well as “House Bunny,” “Ella Enchanted,” and “Legally Blonde.”