Closer Look: Atlanta City Design Project; Ebola; And More

FILE- In this Nov. 20, 2012 file photo, a couple walks along the Atlanta BeltLine as the midtown skyline stands in the background in Atlanta. The Atlanta BeltLine is an urban redevelopment project that aims to turn an old 22-mile railroad corridor that rings the city’s in-town neighborhoods into a network of trails, parks, affordable housing and, eventually, transit. So far, only the 2.2-mile Eastside Trail has opened, with skyline views and regularly changing public art installations providing added scenery for those who walk, bike and jog along the path. (AP Photo/David Goldman, File)
Credit David Goldman / Associated Press
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Tuesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress”:

  • 0:00: Rose Scott and Jim Burress report on upcoming presidential campaign appearances in Atlanta;
  • 1:14: Michell Eloy looks into current local efforts to develop an Ebola vaccine;
  • 5:34: Dr. Mark Mulligan, a specialist in infectious disease and executive director of the Hope Clinic of the Emory Vaccine Center, discusses breakthroughs in potential vaccines to prevent Ebola;
  • 21:01: Ryan Gravel, the man behind the Atlanta BeltLine, discusses his new project with the city, the Atlanta City Design Project;
  • 36:36: Candace Wheeler talks about Guantanamo Bay, Apple’s cybersecurity stance and a new American Girl doll in today’s “Trending” segment;
  • 40:58: Rick Seaney, CEO of, discusses recent airfare hikes;
  • 53:26: Evan Greer of internet privacy group “Fight for the Future” talks about the group’s demonstrations against the FBI’s attempts to compel Apple to work around security features built into its iPhone;
  • 59:18: Cindy Zeldi, executive director of Georgians for a Healthy Future, examines current state legislation related to healthcare and health policy;
  • 1:14:03: Elly Yu reports on efforts by Georgia lawmakers to keep rural hospitals from closing.