Closer Look: Ga. GOP Chair Won’t Seek Re-election; Stockbridge Developer Talks Plans; UGA Lawsuit Over Healthcare Coverage for Transgender Employees

Outgoing chair of the Georgia Republican John Watson reflects on the state of the party, following the 2018 governor's race.
Outgoing chair of the Georgia Republican John Watson reflects on the state of the party, following the 2018 governor's race.
Credit Grace Walker / WABE

Monday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: Rose gives a news brief on a ruling from the Supreme Court of Georgia, which has struck down a section of a state law concerning driving under the influence. The state’s court has said it’s unconstitutional to use an individual’s refusal to submit to a breath test during a DUI stop as evidence in the driver’s criminal trial. In today’s unanimous opinion, Justice Nels S.D. Peterson writes for the Court “We acknowledge that the State has a considerable interest in prosecuting DUI offenses (and thereby deterring others), and that our decision today may make that task more difficult, [but] the right to be free from compelled self-incrimination does not wax or wane based on the severity of a defendant’s alleged crimes.”
  • 2:25: Chair of the Georgia Republican Party John Watson recently announced he will not seek another term as the state’s party leader. He joins us in the studio to share his outlook for the party going into the 2020 election.
  • 26:13: A proposed mixed-use development in Stockbridge has led to a dispute between city and county officials. The economic development project, which was proposed by the Henry County Commission, would require Stockbridge to de-annex a portion of land. However, city officials have said they already signed a contract with the developer and that de-annexation is not an option.  In recent weeks, we’ve heard from both Stockbridge Mayor Anthony Ford and Henry County Commission Chair June Wood. Now, we’ll hear from the developer Jeff Grant. Grant is President and CEO of Southern Consulting.
  • 41:15: University of Georgia employee Skyler Jay is suing his employer for what he calls a “discriminatory” health care plan, according to a complaint filed in June 2018. Jay says his employee health care plan did not pay for his gender reassignment surgery. Earlier this month, his case against UGA and the University System of Georgia was heard in federal court in Athens, Georgia. Today, Jay joins us in the studio, along with his attorney, Noah Lewis, to give the latest update on the lawsuit.

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