Closer Look: Georgia Midterm Election Day 2018

Kaaryn Walker, Darryl Wilson, Patricia Tamsett, Rachel Quartarone joined Rose in studio for our   round table discussion with voters.
Kaaryn Walker, Darryl Wilson, Patricia Tamsett, Rachel Quartarone joined Rose in studio for our round table discussion with voters.
Credit Emilia Brock / WABE

Tuesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

Today is a special edition of “Closer Look” for Georgia’s Midterm Election Day.

  • 0:00: Rose gives a news brief about how there have been long lines and delays as voters make their way to the polls for Election Day. In Gwinnett County, a number of precincts experienced technical issues with their Express Polling Units. This morning, voting machines at Anderson-Livsey Elementary School, Harbins Elementary, Suwanee Public Library, and Mount Vernon Baptist Church were down. Joe Sorenson, communications director for Gwinnett County Government, said that they do not know why the machines have been down, but that voters were offered paper ballots. Machine operations at Anderson-Livsey Elementary School came back up around 9:15 a.m. There were also delays reported in Fulton County, as voters reported low numbers of polling machines. We speak with Richard Barron, director of Registration and Elections for Fulton County.
  • 11:42: Nearly 2.1 million Georgians voted early, whether in person or by mail. But for those who didn’t, today voters can still head to the polls to cast their ballots. What could the current political climate mean for these Midterm Elections? And what is on voters’ minds? We talk with experts about the impact these elections could have on Georgia, and the country. It’s a round table discussion with Alan Abramowitz, the Alben W. Barkley professor of political science at Emory University; Nsenga Burton, co-director of the Film and Media Management concentration at Emory University; and Steve Anthony, a retired lecturer of political science at Georgia State University.
Steve Anthony, Alan Abramowitz and Nsenga Burton join Rose for a round table discussion about the current political climate. (Emilia Brock/WABE)
  • 32:42: Here in Georgia voters will decide a number of key races including the state’s next Governor and two political contests in the 6th and 7th congressional districts. Tonight as the results come in, PBS NewsHour will have live coverage of this midterm election. We get a sneak preview of what’s ahead tonight on PBS Newshour with Lisa Desjardins, PBS NewsHour Capitol Hill correspondent.
  • 42:47: We continue our election coverage with another round table discussion, this time with the group of voters who turn out the most in elections — Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. We’re joined by Patricia Tamsett, Rachel Quartarone, Kaaryn Walker, and Darryl Wilson.

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler, Emilia Brock, and Grace Walker.