Closer Look: History of Tariffs In The US; High Meadows’ Outdoor Approach To Learning; Hapeville’s Sanskrit Moon

High Meadows students along with their teachers Rebecca Drage and Shannon Hostetler in front of "Grandfather" tree.
High Meadows students along with their teachers Rebecca Drage and Shannon Hostetler in front of "Grandfather" tree.
Credit Candace Wheeler

Wednesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: Rose gives a news brief on the indictment of Georgia Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck. On Tuesday a federal grand jury issued a 38 count indictment against Beck on charges including wire and mail fraud and money laundering. The charges are related to Commissioner Beck’s time as the elected General Manager of Operations for Georgia Underwriting Association (GUA), an insurance association, located in Suwanee.The allegations are Beck devised a scheme to defraud the Georgia Underwriting Association thereby receiving money.
  • A statement from the Office of Insurance & Safety Fire Commissioner, responding to the indictment, said, in part ” The accusations that have been made against Commissioner Beck today have no bearing on his service as an elected official to the people of Georgia. The Commissioner maintains his innocence and he is entitled to the same presumption of innocence that every citizen of Georgia walks into a courtroom with when accused of a crime. The Department is focused on fulfilling the vital mission we have to protect Georgia consumers.”
  • 1:15:  This week the United States and China placed billions of dollars of new tariffs on goods from each country. The move created a plunge in the U.S. stock markets on Monday. How does President Trump’s use of tariffs compare to other presidents? We’ll revisit a historical look at tariffs in the U.S. with Donald Johnson, a former ambassador at the United States’ Trade Office and author of “The Wealth of a Nation: A History of Trade Politics in America.”
  • 22:16: Since 1973, High Meadows School has paired academics with nature. In the early ‘70s the private school, which is located in Roswell, GA began offering its first classes to preschoolers between the ages of three and five. The school, which is located on over 40 acres of land was founded by Jody Holden, Jay Dickerson, Mike Drake, and Bill Crawford. In the decades since then, High Meadows has grown to expand its offerings to students through eighth grade. On a recent Friday afternoon, the Closer Look team learned more about the school’s approach to learning outside of the classroom through Forest Friday. Each week students in Kindergarten and 1st-grade head outside, led by teachers Rebecca Drage and Shannon Hostetler, to learn about nature, cook over a campfire, search for turtles and crawfish and read in hammocks. We learn more about how the day of outdoor learning was first created from Drage and Hostetler. Also, a few of the students tell us about their favorite outdoor explorations.
  • 31:23: At the beginning of this year, downtown Hapeville welcomed a new addition to its series of storefronts: Sanskrit Moon yoga studio. The studio was founded by Chandra Fowler, a mother of two and resident of Hapeville, which she calls “the jewel of the South.” Fowler says she was motivated to open Sanskrit Moon after her community studio closed down. “When it closed, my heart broke,” Fowler said. I didn’t understand why it didn’t work, because I felt like so many people could benefit from yoga.” Since its grand opening in February, Fowler’s studio added classes and instructors, such as Tuyen Nguyen, who offers courses specifically for the surrounding Vietnamese community. All of the courses come with a focus on mindfulness and inclusivity, something that Fowler says is a big part of her philosophy as an instructor. “We wanted to provide a safe space for all people to come and practice, and wherever they are in their journey, we would meet them and support them and carry them through,” Fowler said. On a recent afternoon, Rose and the rest of the Closer Look team visited the studio for the next installment of the “Open for Business series.”
Chandra Fowler founded Sanskrit Moon yoga studio in Hapeville in February of this year. She, and fellow yoga instructor Tuyen Nguyen, explained the philosophy of the studio to Rose Scott on a recent visit. (Photo credit: Grace Walker)

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler and Grace Walker. Joy Barge is a contributing producer.