Closer Look: MARTA CEO and General Manager Jeffrey Parker; Paycheck to Paycheck — The Co-Op Business Model; And More

Jeffrey Parker, CEO and GM of MARTA, talks about MARTA's upcoming projects on "Closer Look."
Jeffrey Parker, CEO and GM of MARTA, talks about MARTA's upcoming projects on "Closer Look."
Credit Emilia Brock / WABE

Tuesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: Rose gives a news brief about how Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is issuing a state of emergency for 92 counties throughout southern Georgia. This is due to Hurricane Michael, which is currently on target to hit Florida’s panhandle sometime on Wednesday. According to the governor’s office, the emergency declaration is effective for seven days and makes all state resources available to local governments and entities within the impacted area of the hurricane. The storm is projected to bring heavy rain and extremely strong winds to other parts of the south-east including Georgia after it moves inland. Right now Michael is a Category 2 but, by the time it hits the Gulf Coast, it will be a Category 3. Alabama and Florida have also declared a state of emergency.
  • In other news, today is the final day to register to vote, if you plan to cast a ballot in next month’s Midterm Elections. The ballots cast will determine who will serve as Georgia’s next governor, and fill a number other federal, state, and local offices. Voters can register by mail or online using the Secretary of State’s “My Voter Page” website or the “Georgia SOS” app. That’s also where voters can check on their registration status. Early voting begins Monday, Oct. 15.
  • 4:11: The projects from MARTA’s $2.5 billion transit plan for Atlanta are touted to change the city. But how will MARTA prioritize the list? Jeffrey Parker, CEO and general manager of MARTA, joins us in studio.
  • 32:38: In anticipation of Hurricane Michael, Deal has declared a state of emergency for 92 counties throughout the southern half of the state. What should Georgians know before the hurricane hits, and what can they do to prepare? We ask Catherine Howden, chief of staff for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA).
  • 37:50: Our Paycheck to Paycheck series continues as we learn more about the co-op business model and its economic and employment benefits. We hear from Doug O’Brien, president and CEO of the National Cooperative Business Association.

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler, Emilia Brock and Grace Walker.